horse of souls do right, do good very righteous, uncontrollable in this proud moment of attacks with cutlery face to face with the crisis the toxic culture the ‘pay today and tuesday!' face to face with luxury degenerating in need with big disasters with the role of rude cole in all deaths and embrace the truth,… Continue reading 2004-2016


(the difficult job of making choices: eat a kebab or dump the ashes?) avoid looking at the bleeding gap in your brain ignore the pain sit still and have a beer watch some tv with your offspring tonight another brutal premiere the soaps are the real thing you know the drill it will not change… Continue reading 2006-2012


it seems so easy to kill in Minnesota one preserves a body nice and icy in its frozen lakes and then go to quietly drink a strawberry milkshake people seem kind houses seem cozy white gardens seem safe it’s a dignified life at the frozen lakes of Minnesota state


the mutation was too quick. johnny saw his hands lighten up and vibrate, uncontrolled. the room filled with images and words and sounds, turning around something - his head?! a bulb, light everywhere, his serpentine body with serpentine members, and all dizzy!! then he saw the screen where his unfinished text wa   for @tvansantana 55 words