i will tell you this one thing (a secret from the bottom of within)

[always on the same key, the artist proposes the unexpected and composes the unusual]

i’m not a good person
not bad either
filled with guilt for not being simply good
i wake up to drag my head around the room

look at this defeated sink, filth of life – coffee!
several acts (fast, sweaty) unroll off my body (like silk stockings)
left & (a)social (i lie my pains)
i’m just the (guilty) misery of a huge ego

yes, greater my love than my belly
and i eat language every day (many day a’more)
my cursor pulses (alive and loud)

but we’ll soon depart again
but our skins are stuck together
like ashes fixed with hairspray
(the love song ‘You&I’ hugely successful this summer)

we’ll soon depart and i sing my ambiguous howl
and repeat it endlessly
neither good nor bad
without waiting for praise or attention
all i want is this


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