winter übersale the nice thing of life are happy kids there's one singing out loud outside my window the hysterical consumerism is noxious though soon to become waste quite toxic hypocritical hollow we hate each other at different levels of love we live together but are constantly busy with me i'm the kid singing outside… Continue reading


on the dry dirt too the sun comes to get light in your eyes and there, also the sea that's mine, that is me and the storm the come and go of hot waves the euphoria that embraces me, a kiss that turns me into water and salt, and a sky that i, alive, sail


my desire is really weird it never wants what i need even if officially reasoned included in the requirement dated, with family and first name everything due, counted, specified justified, safeguarded, authenticated dispatched within the deadline sealed with stamps, things and such the exposed core a burning bleed the exposed core marred, in trance my… Continue reading 2012