we got here because we got lost in the dream of this morning, alone, the two of us young, vibrant and free, making love in front of the window, unconscious of this public act, agile and tied, me and her in us both, we much more than the two of us. in an instant of… Continue reading

  basically god science is my chosen religion because it’s curious, associative, flexible, great in its knowledge and wisdom, deep as the universe extends and spirals. it’s inside of me and all around my being, tells me my history and future, it’s there even when i don’t care. makes mistakes, says sorry but there might… Continue reading

exercise on the lexicon of existence where is I? bound and tied by facts and lies in the present tense, being here before the mind notwithstanding absent while currently existing (at this very time, albeit i doubt in real life) whereas I’m here - where is I? and since things are how things are and as… Continue reading