4_adding to the losses

musicians turn the corner, six of them, towards us. the clarinet boy’s like a long skinny bird, turning his body, arms and ears flexibly this way or that. he’s a shiny pierrot costume with aquamarine and gold diamonds, one of azza_jono’s primeval pop_pr characters, completely out of fashion since years but still famous with the kids. who can control a kid? they’re playing an ultra_new pop_prod melody.

the peasant that had my eye turns his head a second and i move aside silently, let the flow take me. i know those street musicians from wicked_meetings, their music helps us disappear all the time. aquamarine and gold are the secret colours of the wicked_R.

i need to be back to 1754_f_f. first i go left into a small alley then move to the right side of the flow – and there i see, low corner, end of the alley, yellow light.

i turn right and work hard fringe_sliding on the flow, slower now. very much like in a dream, the flesh_flow let us fly on the ground, azza’s epidermis lifting everyone with it’s energy, again we turn into the liquid we in fact are.

soon we’re over the aorta into a large boulevard with 3 long lines of red, blue, and white flamboyants, the crowd scatters and the yellow light turns left, up the hill.

i know the place on top of the long hill, with the view over azza. it’s van zante’s confound_compound.




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