6_men in suits and armours

the abductation was not painless. silly saw her hands and feet lighten up and vibrate spasmodically. the w_clan’s storage room filled with images, sounds, words, lifting her and every object in the room, and turning around something – a bulb? light everywhere, her seemly serpentine body with serpentine members lifting and circling up in’n’on the hot air.


she recognised the radio sounds from the clan’s com_day: the movie’s constant soundtrack were those same radio sounds. but she couldn’t understand the tong_song, the words were strange to her. silly was shaking with fear, as aways.

“uhpah! me’n done ok, promiss! mexcuse!..”

a screen appeared in midair. there was a man in it, looking at her intensely. the man had the same straw hair of her own low clan, probably a brou_sis of hers. the screen followed her floating movements. its colours were saturated, and that saturation spilled fast into the room. this static load had nonstop glitches, transforming the whole of the room and everything in it into an overcharged electric coloured storm.

“ya’v bin chusen, grl!”

“wha?! me notty gooddy, me..”


the man in the screen stretched his arm out, into the room, and grabbed silly’s left ankle, where her id_ad was propped under the skin. his eyes scanned it for confirm, the poison_green scan light hurting silly’s leg and eyes. she had no control of her body, and couldn’t bring her hands to protect her face. poison_green colour was feared almost as much as hot_orange, because of its painfully toxic effect on demi_humans.

“AY! da’s hurtin!”

the man let go of her ankle.

“da grl silly’s ready comin, mistah!”

the tong-song suddenly got a brilliance and purity of sound that was fast becoming unbearable for her.

“aargh stopit! PROMISS!!”

instead, the tong_song transmuted into liquified waves of sound, and entered her body through each of her pores, and for a second she could’t breath. the light and brilliance of the abductation were making her sick, but at the same time the energy’s warmth was so pleasant that she urinated with pleasure at once.

the abductation overcharge lasted for some minutes, too long for silly: she lost her consciousness during the rest of the procedure. she never saw the screen suck all the static and disappear into a white brilliant dot.

also she didn’t know for how long she had fainted, suddenly she opened her eyes and realised she was still floating around the room. inertia was a very important last step for the completion of saturated impregnations.

silly started to vomit her ration of the day, cheeps_coola.

“my-argh!! MY!!”

the jet out of her mouth turned along within the serpentine energy, as every other object in the storage room. it looked like a yellow snake, slithering away from her.

“me gosh them all gonna kill me fi dis!”

silly thought.





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