mirta demare 2017

ARCHI-STRUCTURES from 23-04-2017 till 04-06-2017  Opening: 23-04-2017, 16:00 -> 18:00 hrs works by Renata de Andrade and Jorge Franco  show the beauty and the ugliness of the city and its people.     Renata will also present her second book Cavalo das Almas,  with poems and drawings, by Editora Patuá    Mirta Demare


12_damage extent of th rabs saw the bearded man disappear under the triangular rock that moved, closing the subterranean passage. he touched the smooth umber rock surface, warm and soft, he could feel its quiet pulse - he never knew of the pulse, never knew of the fluid energy, of his in_role in it, anything… Continue reading i_god_you_12