7_monkeying the true_world with word_truisms

i follow the yellow line up the hill, through the ever present and everlasting grasstic. van zante’s cadre_inc still uses this poisonous stuff on public walks (but not in his own confound_compound), even after the st_health_commission’s report on blistblast diseases and deaths was released. he made the no_tolk law, dismissed the commission, and sent all its members to demi_processing. the wicked have already recuperated 2 of them for the resistance, although their wit is not yet completely back – either will again, we fear.

the hues of this promenade are of course overwhelmingly pleasant – the flamboyants’ red, white, and blue on top of a bright green grasstic, plus the white archi_structures against a cracking cerulean blue sky – no wonder this very large and long site is so touristic. i thought i’d escape the crowd here, but as soon as the ration_bit broke, out came hundreds of creatures from all corners – people, demi_humans, arti_fauna, pets, chimps_chips, verdants – to sit_4_d_bit and enjoy the the fantastic view of azza’s valley. down the long hill, on the other side of the river, is jono, with its own design and desires.

i have to stop also. the promenade is completely taken by a mass of innocent creatures, almost all of them silently eating – conversations are monitored by :eye: – all are exhausted yet intent_on_achieving_a_greater_efficiency (those giant posters are pasted everywhere in azza). their eyes are directed to the valley bellow, the warmth, light, the colours of such a beautiful day touching their own eyes and their deeper, unconscious (we know now) longings. looking at the crowd i become slowly aware of a feeling in my throat, a sensation i know very well: i am still_moved.

this is not good. 2 of the chimps_chips more close to me climb on the flamboyants, scanning the crowd in search of the still_moved energy i am exhaling – this things go really fast, it’s just a too powerful energy. if one is caught in still_moved offence, one is vaporised and recycled immediately – a matter of high security, and an example to be given to a very fearful crowd. i close my eyes, mind_flow into the river of uni_energy, through the soles of my feet and within the guts of azza, and i elude to the wicked.

i can leave my body at the flamboyant promenade during the remainder of sit_4_d_bit, but i need to be back before van zante’s peasants discover me there, alone. my eyes will lose their colour too, and they must assume i’m another demi_human, but they will control why am i not intent_on_achieving_a_greater_efficiency. when they check my left ear they’ll see that i’m a writer and have no business fake_escaping – humans are not supposed to do that.

i enter the wicked under_within, and into an entropy_meet with the particle.




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