8_starquake strike prep

when the committee entered the demi_aula everybody went silent. four solemn people (mistah, proxy_mommy, überkontroller, master_scientscent) took their places at the hifi_lodge on stage, and proceeded to call some demi_human’s names.


sprint stood up slowly, looking around as if afraid of his brou-sis. they all looked at him blankly, some of them already in the fake_escape mode.

“mommy yay!”

“sprint, my dear boy!”

proxy_mommy had a hard look and a tight smile.

“you’ve been chosen to do very important work for our lord and mister. do you understand that?”

sprint looked at the ceiling of the aula. he felt the fake_escape coming, and knew he had to get it under control: his brou-sis klon was recycled in front of him because of fake_escaping the loud’n’mistah. by this thought, an uncontrollable tremor took hold of sprint: to make fun of mistah was strictly forbidden and severely punished.

“.. yay, mommy, mucha_bliged!”

“sprint, my dear boy! you are to contact our master_scientscent immediately after this meeting, for further instructions. do you understand that?”

sprint’s urge to fake-escape was overwhelming, he felt nauseous.



“.. yay, mommy, mucha_bliged! UGH_argh!!”

sprint fell back on the bench and vomited his daily feed on the back of the brou_sis sitting in front of him. the unfortunate boy didn’t notice it, he was fake-escaping like many others.


“xcuse mommy! promiss! ugh!..”

mistah sat at the hifi_lodge holding a scented orange handkerchief to his nose with a disgusted expression on his face. he detested those horrid meetings with his offsprings.


proxy_mommy stoop up leaning forward, to give more power to her words. sprint had to swallow his vomit, which made him feel even more sick.

“..argh.. mommy xcuse, muchbla..”

“SIT! Quiet!”

all of sprint’s brou_sis had started mumbling quietly but steadily, scared as they always were. most disturbances were checked as a probable danger and dealt with sorely. sprint fake_escaped immediately. proxy_mommy rolled her own eyes, deciding that this will have to do for now, there were more pressing matters than a sappy boy.


the mumbling stopped. horn didn’t stand up.


horn’s sis_brou to his left hit him with a strong elbow.


he stoop up, holding his side in pain.

“yay mommy..”

“horn, are you deaf?”

proxy_mommy had an amused look on her face. it still surprised her when a demi_human didn’t obey immediately. this was happening a lot lately. master_scientscent was already checking what was wrong with this batch of offsprings.

“mummy, me..”


“wha? no, xcuse, promiss!”


for long minutes the aula was so silent that the demi_humans not fake_escaping could hear the powerful river down the valley.

“horn, my dear boy! you are to contact our master_scientscent immediately after this meeting, for further instructions. do you understand that?”

horn looked at the 4 people in hifi_lodge with an open mouth and colourless eyes.





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