9_nocturnal absorption x daytime expulsion

drew, i don’t know where i’m gonna find you. the glitch has touched me somehow, i don’t know anyone anything, i’m losing my ways, myself – my mind. this note is to tell you – i’m here, but for how long. please be here too, remember me. virg

“zany! let’s go girl! stop dreaming, time is not!”

the young woman’s long straw hair was moving wildly around her head, as if alive. they were just over the top of jono’s left breast, fast on their way back to the hangar. such a strong wind, she could sit on it! the sun on the top was hot like pepper, and the 360º landscape view was that of a broken clear crystal. there it was the right breast, and jono’s head way to the north, and the big belly – jono was pregnant!

“momo! big belly! see!”

momo was already at least 100 meters ahead, down to the east mountainside, on a curling but clear path with many great rocks to climb, and quick jump into their game of using as little energy as possible going down as fast as possible. it was as close as they could get from flying.

“c’mon girl! catch me if you can!”

zany was already fast on her way down, laughing and singing.

“runnin down da mamma! droplets a milk! thos’easyways..”

“you singing it wrong, zany girl!”

down they went, little birds chanting to jono’s ownglory.

zany had found the note last night under an old ceramic pot. in the north cave’s big back stone under-cavity, where the food was stored and where they spent the night. nobody ever used the ancient pot, turned decoration. zany first saw the vivid glazed colours under the dust – gold and turquoise – and she wanted to clean it. she took it in her hands and a small folded paper came off, from underneath.

“momo, note! maybe rabs?”

the woman took the paper.

“it’s old. where?”

there was something fixed under the pot, some kind of pale blue massa. momo got a knife, scrapped it out, felt it between her fingers, smelled it, had a close look at its structure. it was brittle – it broke – there was a small chip in it.

“hey, nicy! if we still have the system to read it.”


“this big thing here is what they used for communication long before we were born, girl.”


“and that.. yes, a love note. it must be from the first or the second coming era. yeah, the second coming, that’s when they started talking about the glitchinsight – assuming it’s what she meant by ‘glitch’.”

zany looked at her attentively. she didn’t understand what momo was saying. she didn’t know humans so well – mistah and the cadre were brutal and_or careless, some others simply very strange. the new humans were better but all of them wanted to touch her head and feel her hair. momo was nice, and her friend ninõn was nice, and amadeu was not nice but gave food&shelter. and the week before they gave her the boy rabs to take care of, which she liked very much.

she saw how rabs was in_printed with more whole_copacity, and after that she brought him back to ninõn – as requested – and the 3 of them went to borab. rabs was to get back into azza’s pulsing heart, that with borab’s help. poor rabs used to be the second_labstar of the st_health_commission, before he was demi_terialized. a brilliant student of master_of_mister, the owner of universatiny, where all of cadre’s scient_scentists came from.

rabs’ been one of the first demi_humans to seek the wicked, now our very own wicked spy.





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