10_♪[heartfelt instrumental music]♪

silly woke up on a stage_bed in a great, round room. everything around was very clean, she has never before been in such a clean place – even the air was clean, clear – how was that possible? where was this place? she tried to look around, but she could barely move her head. her body was completely strapped to the bed, and she had a very heavy, stuffed feeling. she looked at her big belly, her legs were spread and fixed on leg rests attached to the bed.

“t’s movin’!”

she heard people applauding, and with the corner of her eyes she saw that the room was filled with people, all around her.


applause again. she has already been feeling some kind of discomfort, but now she started definitely to feel pain.

“wowy! wha??”


“ayee! ’t hurt! stoppit!!”


the 4 people of the cadre entered the room and came close to her bed.

“mommy, plis help!..”

proxy_mommy acknowledged the applause with a small hand gesture and placed herself between silly’s legs.

“silly, my dear girl, you are ready now.”

“ aahuh!..”

the public applauded throughout the whole procedure. the harder silly’s cries of pain got, the louder were her public’s response.



proxy_mommy received silly’s baby in a jet of saturated blood,  colours and intense light, and showed the demi_baby_boy to a public in ecstasy. the whole room was taken by the colours and light. the sounds – silly, the public, radio waves – were deafening.


master_scientscent cut the umbilical cord, the saturated jet stopped immediately, silly lost her conscience, and the room was suddenly silent. überkontroller took the baby by its ankles, careful not to dirty his mantle with saturated demi_blood, and raised it to the audience.

“none, our dear boy, you’ve been chosen to do very important work for our lord and mister. as with all of your brou-sis, you will be intent_on_achieving_a_greater_efficiency during your short but unquestionable life, all for the ownglory of our lord and mister, it will thus be!”

he slapped the baby’s bottom, and it started to yell. the public had kneeled and raised their arms as soon as überkontroller started the birth_preach, but when none started to cry they all stood up again and applauded vigorously.





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