11_fertilising events for ever


those easy steps we take
running down the mountain
forever times so many times
were also taken
by all moving countless
breathing running living
creatures in this living

and as we fly
down the mountainside
arms as wings
for cool balance
the trail is so nice
and gallant
to our dance of life


time and waiting rooms are all the same, no matter how long or where you wait.

i left hundreds of angry eyes at the entropy_meet to come and sit here, wait in this baby green waiting room, with its slow moving white clouds against the cerulean blue of the ceiling.

i’m waiting to meet the particle. actually i’m going to leave very fast now, get back before the next 37 minutes. although we get more time at the extended_meta_life, things happen a lot slower too – movie’s slow motion it feels like, sometimes. the walls here are filled with old photographs, all kinds of tiny people smiling in black and white.

we’re all so lucky really – that we’ve met the particle and entered with it the multi_uni, getting the enable button to be turned on, finally changing things! me goodnessgoddess, it took long enough, almost too long. we saw the edge of a cliff in the milky way, almost lost it.

the particle wants to talk to me. i sometimes wonder how i came to sit in this chair waiting for the particle – it’s really too much responsibility for me, and all i can think right now is of momo’s safety and eyes – and there’s a squall happening, her eyes are heavy plumb, worried.

what times really! there’s nothing we can do except adapt and survive. and be wicked – be with be free! i stand up and turn to the dark red door, open it and my eyes – there where i lay against an old tree with white flowers in the flamboyant boulevard, just in time to see the last 3 demi_humans turn around the south corner.

i stand up and look at the confound_compound’s moving flags. it’s a long way uphill, some of the cross_veinstreets are so crowded, they bulge and move like huge snakes, perpetually digesting and expelling creatures. i see the yellow line where i left it – on the left side of the boulevard, following the archi_structure’s facade, and it follow it too.

the first cross_veinstr to cross over is specially busy today. i see creatures floating on top of creatures, azza’s joyful energy shining here and there where the crowd breaks. i feel my limbs chill, and laugh out loud. a tremor takes me and i laugh again. a couple of arti_fauna teens pass me by with very urgent eyes, and disappear with the flow. teens of all creatures sport running_meeting at the aortas or the cross_veinstreets. dangerous game, people have been dying because of this for ages now.

i digress – something started to happen to me as soon as i set foot on azza’s belly, something that took the edge of my concentration, and i cannot find it in my mind – what! it feels a lot like the feel_sabotage i’ve read about, but i cannot come to the source of it. it’s getting worse, but i’m lucky to have realised the digressing on time to realise it at all. many fail to do so and lose their minds.


the trail is so nice
and gallant
to our dance of life






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