12_damage extent of th

rabs saw the bearded man disappear under the triangular rock that moved, closing the subterranean passage. he touched the smooth umber rock surface, warm and soft, he could feel its quiet pulse – he never knew of the pulse, never knew of the fluid energy, of his in_role in it, anything to know at all, but now he knows even more.

he was tired already. he could see the wall 5 kms further down the valleybelly, but that was not jono’s belly – he still had 40 hrs to get to the great beltwalls. he thought of the id and felt his left lobe – there it was the new id_chip_rec, he won’t need to worry about control, or notes, or lose them nomore.

he found a thick bush of dark green velvet leaves, and lay down to sleep. the place felt cosy and safe, it had a scent that brought rabs into a real_dream in seconds. he looked around hunter sharp, the river was a bright and thick water cord on the trade winds of the sky – with creatures, boats, submarines travelling with_in it, around it, the strong current in many tones of clear blue. he recognised azzajono’s flag, that was it.


“rabs, boy – roger!”

rabs touched his right ear with a jump.

“yay duda, roger! me see da flag, roger!”

“good.. oh tha.. ok, wher..”


“rabs! have ..ou m.. xenia yet?”

“no just sky flag – wait i see da green lady, she comin’!”

rabs saw the same xenia from the comics they’ve shown him at the hangar, some weeks ago. this woman was 2 dimensional, an animation coming towards him, smiling deep red lips and black almond eyes. rabs started smelting like chocolate ice cream – no, rabs, no! he took hold of himself with his right arm and lifted his body. rabs must tape note. she came closer, facing his shyness directly with a twinkle in her eyes.

“yay you rabs?”

“yay you?”


she brought her lips and landed a butterfly kiss on rabs mouth. the demi_human started to vibrate and give light, his eyes two holes on a red furnace. he woke up, alert, stood up in the green bush, and saw a cristal day through the thick leaves. he started walking towards azza. the kiss still vibrating in his mouth, now his throat, his heart, his air – and the message and particle rabs was now carrying had to be delivered to the autist.

he knew that – he knows even more now.

what rabs also knew already, xenia was what ninon had said – different. the others had different xenias too. he stopped at the outer fence of the beltwalls, amazed by his knowledge. there will be so much to know and to show. and he will see it again too, to know even more. that’s rabs’ mission: to know even more, now with the chip.




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